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Tinker's Featured on WTVR CBS 6 this weekend!

On Small Business Saturday, 2020, WTVR CBS 6 popped by the store and did a wonderful feature on us for the 11pm and morning news! Matthew Fultz interviewed Sharon Coleman [owner] and some lovely customers who said some wonderful things (thank you sooo much!)

CBS said that they Googled places to shop in Richmond and we were one of the first stores to pop up and our place looked really cool. Our son, Joshua Coleman, does most of the marketing online, so it appears that he is doing something helpful even though he lives 3,000 miles away! Woo Hoo!

If you saw the commercial, feel free to leave us a comment on Facebook. Also, tell us what words you use to search for places to shop. Do you use Yelp, Google, Bing? We would love to know.


Matthew Fultz

RICHMOND, Va. -- Shoppers flocked to local stores across Richmond, including Tinker and Company, as part of Small Business Saturday.

"We love Tinker's. We come here frequently especially around Christmas time because they have such great ornaments and gift ideas," Kristy Serendi said. “We want to do our part to make sure that they’re around for as long as possible, so we like to support them by coming out and shopping.”

“We have really super loyal customers that come out and we wrap their presents," Sharon Coleman, the owner of Tinker and Company, said....

We would love to post the whole article, but we are going to redirect you the article's original post on WTVR CBS 6.


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