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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Wow, 6 years in a row. We cannot believe that we were voted one of the best gift stores in Virginia. It means SOOO much to us that after all of these years, we are still on your radar.

We cannot tell you how many times people came in to our store and said "wow, are you new? I've never seen this building before" or "this is my first time in. Someone just told me about you." Getting an award like this makes us feel like were have grown from being Richmond's hidden treasure to one of Richmond's go-to destinations and it is because of you.

Thank you for not only this award, but for the friendships. My Tinker girls and I have become a part of so many people's lives and we look forward to keeping our relationships going. If you see us out and about, please don't hesitate to say hello to us.

For those of you that subscribed to our website, followed us on Instagram or Facebook, left a review, recommended us to a friend or family member, or voted for us in these Best Of Richmond/Virginia polls, you are AMAZING. You are the reason why we survived. My wish for the future is that you keep supporting small stores because, take it from us, your voice makes a big difference.

As many of you know, both Sharon (the owner), myself (Josh, one of the sons that lives in California), and my sister, Alex, do most of the marketing online. We have constantly tried to make creative videos, snap photographs, think of polls and events to keep traffic steady in the store, and it honestly gets exhausting. It is especially challenging during the holidays. It can take hours to touch up photographs or to edit the videos, but we have done it because the store, the people that come into the store, the local artists we carry, and the merchandise inspire us. While we often stay up too late editing or get up way too early to post things, it has always been worth it to read your comments or to hear your excitement to see the merchandise.

A special thank you to all of our sales reps from over the years that helped us find lines that brought magic to our lives. We owe a debt of gratitude to the local artists and past employees who helped us make a difference in people's lives.

As our 15% off sale has now evolved into a 30% off sale, feel free to come in a pick up something to remember us by. If you have any friends that have a small business, feel free to tell them that we are selling fixtures and display items, such as stock room inventory shelves. When you are a small business, trust us, saving money whenever possible is a good thing.

A special thank you to Hayden Gresak for this illustration of Tinker's that we presented to Sharon for Mother's Day. I stumbled upon one of her illustrations of Quirk Hotel years ago and reached out to her because I loved her style. She added some of my mom's favorite things: cavaliers, the pink angel wings, the flamingo, gingham plaid prints, and our signature victorian couch with a cute #1 award on it. I swear, Hayden is SO talented. We cannot recommend her enough, so check out her online store and follow her on instagram. Feel free to reach out to her for your design needs. Personally, I think wedding, baby, or special event invitations would be sooooo cute!! Her instagram page is:


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