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Our family would like to thank everyone for the support over the past few weeks. It has been a challenging time since my husband and Tinkers co-owner, Tony Coleman, passed away on February 3rd. So many people have comforted us with love, food, flowers, words of kindness, stories that we have never heard before and compassion.

Everyone seems to have a memorable story about how Tony brightened their day. My birthday was last Friday and our Anniversary is on March 17th, so I decided to thank everyone with a gratitude sale that ends this Saturday, March 12th. It is 15% off ALMOST the entire store with the exception of a few things like consignment items (gotta support the small local artists!) Scroll down to see a photo gallery preview.

I have been a little too busy to operate the website, so our Facebook page has been the easiest way to stay in contact with everyone in terms of new merchandise updates. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you all for keeping our spirits up and for your kindness during this tough time.

In case you wanted to read his obituary, I have posted it below. It was written by 2 of our children, Joshua and Jeremiah Coleman.