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17 Holiday Songs to Brighten Your Day

If you have ever been in Tinker's, you know that we try to set the vibe for your shopping experience. Music has a way of taking your mind off of your every day stress and distract you from real life. It creates emotions, brings people together, and sometimes, it even brings back old memories that make you feel all warm and cozy.

I am one of those people that has a playlist for everything. I constantly make CDs (yes, actual CDs that I mail to my family's business in Virginia from Los Angeles) and today, I wanted to make a playlist for everyone to enjoy. It includes a few of our favorite songs, both new and old, to put you in the holiday mood. I tried to pick a selection that is something different than what you hear on the radio, so kick back and enjoy the winter wonderland straight from Santa's favorite store.

Stay tuned, this is just volume 1. I have a something in store, possibly each week, to keep you happy, so make sure to subscribe to our website for updates!

**DECEMBER UPDATE: This was our first time making a playlist blog and we learned that you have to download the Spotify app in order to hear the songs in full. Sorry for the inconvenience (this is still a learning experience for us.) If you are having problems or if you know of a better way to share music online, feel free to email me here. If it caused anyone any frustrations, I really apologize.

Download Spotify here.

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