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Colette Miller

The Original Angel and Founder

Colette Miller created the Global Angel Wings Project in 2012 in Los Angeles. They were painted to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth. Her work is literally all over the world. She is a creative visionary and an inspiration to us at Tinker's. She has an incredible story, so take time to visit her site and to learn about her dream for society. Make sure to visit her wings in a city near you! 

Our Daughter,


Colette Miller



Our daughter Alex was visiting our son Joshua in LA after his motorcycle accident. This was Alex's first visit to a wing mural and Colette just happened to be next to them doing a photoshoot! Because Josh is so artsy, he was inspired to add motion effects to his photos and then emailed them to her. She featured his photo on her Instagram page. Talk about a dream come true! Just another reason why she inspires us. She embraces people's creativity! Promise to follow her page


Tinker's meets Colette Miller's ngel wngs in Los Angeles

Colette's wings in DTLA


Fly Away

Our store front murals are not by Colette Miller, but by our very own store manager, Kate Khalilian and they can still add magic to your life. Stop by the store, take your photo, and tag it



In 1998, our store burned to the ground, but no one was injured. We always felt like some angels were keeping us safe.

Click here to read the full story

Kate Khaliian dances in front of her angel win mural a Tinker's in Richond Virginia
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