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WINNER: Best in VA 2020, cute puppies, and fitness cheats

For the third year in a row, Tinker's has been voted one of the Best Gift and Home Accessory stores by Virginia Living Magazine! We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to vote last December. We are truly honored.

When our store burned down 20 years ago, we thought that would be the most challenging chapter of our business. Unfortunately, 2020 has been hard, not only for us, but for everyone. Small businesses are closing left and right, big businesses are filing for bankruptcy, and the entire world is wearing a mask...btw, If you are looking for new facemasks, feel free to stop by and pick up some that are locally made.

Tinker's best of virginia 2020 gift store award

Things are different. Sharon, the owner, was sitting in an office the other day and there weren't any magazines to look at (because of germs), which made her realize that unless you were a subscriber to Virginia Living, you might not have seen the issue with so many great businesses winning these awards (click here to check out Virginia Living Magazine).

So, if there is a magazine, a store, a restaurant, a local designer, an artist, or someone that offers a service that you love, please find a way to support them in these challenging times. Follow them on social media. Leave a review on Yelp. If you are want to get into shape and get your health on track, consider hiring my daughter, Alex Coleman. She is a certified personal trainer and a group fitness director. For more information, check out SIMPLEFITNESS


As you probably know, we have a beautiful pair of angel wings painted on the building. Here are some of our recent favs that people tagged us in!

Tinker's angel wing murals!

Tinker's Angel wing mural

Angel wing murals

Angel wing mural

And in case you haven't seen the new addition to the family, our daughter Alex got a new puppy! Isn't Huxley adorable?!? You can follow his adventures with Alex here!

Huxley, the new puppy

simplefitnessbyalex and Huxley

simplefitnessbyalex and Huxley

simplefitnessbyalex and Huxley
Huxley shopping with customers

Huxley the cavalier

Feel free to send us your pics on Facebook, Instagram, or through email. Thank you once again for all of the support. You are the reason why we work so hard.

Don't forget, we have new hours:



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