Fighting Covid with STYLE!

One of our FAVORITE new items at Tinker's is this super stylish keyring that allows you to open door handles, use touch-screens, flush toilets, use keypads and basically avoid touching as many things as you can in public. Check out the video below to see how cool it is!

This classy conversation piece easily attaches to your keys and is another helpful way to keep you safe from bacteria and viruses from touching objects. It is $21.95 and will make your life so much easier. Some versions come with cute tassels in a variety of colors, while others come with functions like a bottle opener. We know some people that add charms to them as well.

NOTE: Just a reminder, you still have to clean your keys to remove the germs. We recommend cleaning them after each outing just like your facemasks. Speaking of face masks......


We also sell non-medical, super cute face masks by Patti P Tailor and her mom for $12. We have new designs coming in each week and THEY ARE REVERSIBLE! Popular designs include our neon antibacterial versions, pastel, seersucker, and gingham plaid versions. ​

*******Picking up a Face Mask and No-Touch Key combo could be a great Father's Day Gift to keep your dad safe.********

The ones (shown above) just arrived and are made from luxury men's dress shirts and are perfect for individuals who might have to get a little dressy for work or feel a little more formal, yet fun. Think of them as the new pocket square accessory.

Did you see the army green version...or was it camouflaged?!?

True, we don't want to wear them, but if we are required to wear them, we might as well look stylish while we do, right?! Check out the polka dots, the floral prints, the cars, and kid's fabrics. We try to have something for everyone!

This is the neon, antibacterial version that comes in a variety of colors!

They look especially stylish when displaying a cute flip flop screen your door....

...or when shopping for some of these awesome gift items! Click on one to enlarge!


In order to minimize the risk of COVID-19, Tinker's has re-opened with transitional hours at half capacity with a few changes in order to keep your health, and our own, in mind. We kindly request that you keep some of these things in mind. Make sure to follow our FACEBOOK page for the most current, up-to-date information (don't forget to click the "recommend" button).


Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 4:00pm

While we are not doing temperature checks, as a courtesy to everyone, if you have had a fever, cold, cough, or any other symptoms that might cause concern, please hold tight about shopping in the store. Contact us and we can try to figure out alternative methods to help you shop, which might be providing some photos or even a FaceTime Video shopping call. We want to help you out, but we also want to respect everyone's personal comfort levels because everyone is different.

Cleanliness: We have enhanced cleaning procedures. From doors to furniture to floors and more, we will clean even more than we used to (and that was A LOT!) Feel free to bring your own 70%+ hand sanitizer or use the ones that we have available.

Social distance: Try to give at least 6 ft of distance between yourself and others while shopping. We will limit the number of customers in the store and number of registers used

Face Masks: Although it is not a requirement, we kindly request that you wear a face mask. We will have ours on, so let's make it a fashion show party! We sell masks for $12.

Alternatives: We will offer curbside pick-up where you can pay by phone in advance, and in some cases, we can mail or make drop-offs depending on the special circumstances. If you have seniors or high risk individuals that are worried about being around others, feel free to contact us and we might be able to accommodate you with special hours to shop.

If you know who is in the photo, feel free to email me so I can credit them for their photo!





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