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Tinker's Goes Pop with Taylor Swift

Today, we are feeling very grateful and wanted to thank you through song.... not from us singing, but with actual professionals like Taylor Swift, Dan & Shay and Charlie Puth. Trust us, you don't want to hear us sing.

I am one of those people that has always liked to make mixed tapes and CD's for people and now, I get to curate songs to play in the Tinker's all of the way from California. Enjoy our first mix of 2019: Tinker's Goes Pop. Many of these songs are what people shop to when in our store.

It works best if you have the Spotify app or if you are using the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera. If you listen to it through Safari like I did, you only get 30 second previews. This is new territory for me, so feel free to let me know if you have any problems or suggestions on how we can make this easier.

Simply click on one of the photos below to hear our new Spotify playlist. Good luck!

Spotify playlist for Tinker's
Track list

For help troubleshooting, Click HERE

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