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A sincere thank you from Hollywood

This weekend is our biggest event ever and we are extremely grateful for your support. Things are about to get sappy, so if you don't want to read the emotions or heartfelt words, here are the 30th Holiday Bash details:




Pinecone gnomes from Glitterville

For those of you that don't know, I am the youngest son in the family that lives in California. I am working on the set of Lucifer dressing one of People Magazine's 2018 sexiest men of the year, Tom Ellis, and in between shots, I am running to my computer trying to advertise my family's small business. I design the website, edit and shoot many of the photos, make cute, animated videos, and contact all of the magazines about press. It is a tough job, but making my parent's dreams comes true means a lot to me.

I'm can't attend because I'm dressing Tom Ellis, one of People's Sexiest Men Alive 2018.

For over 30 years, I have watch my parents deal with all of the happiness and struggles of having their own businesses. I have seen great stores around town close up, I have seen our own store burn down, and I have seen hundreds of thousands of shoppers smiling from buying a gift for someone they love. I have seen my parents skip vacations and stay late to work on something for a customer and I have seen our employees, time and time again, go the extra mile in trying to make someone happy.

My sister Alex Coleman wrote a very heartfelt message on Facebook and I wanted to share it with everyone, despite the fact that my parents will be embarrassed about their photograph after a super long day.

Alex Coleman and owners, Tony and Sharon Coleman

Alex's letter to our parents

Both of my brothers have always inspired me. Jeremiah and I used to parade around as elves at the earlier Holiday Bashes and then my sister, nieces, and friends would dress up in later years. My brother flew in from Oregon last night to celebrate this weekend with my family and our brother Joey has been working in the restoration business since high school. Cousins, wives, grandkids, we all chip in to help our parents dreams stay alive. Our aunt, Jean Cobb, is the notorious dessert baker and toffee queen and don't worry, she will be there this weekend to keep you appetite under control.

The holidays are about celebrating magical moments and togetherness and this weekend and holiday season, we are grateful for everyone and everything. It really warms our hearts that people find joy in our little business. In a world of Amazon and online shopping, huge mega malls and chains, for all different reasons, people love coming to Tinker's. My mom loves to hear stories about how happy someone is to get something from her store. She loves knowing that somewhere, someone is smiling because a loved one picked something out that she found. She and my father love giving back to children's charities all throughout the year and never telling anyone about it. They are so humble, yet do so much for others.

Jean Cobb bakes her famous desserts and Tinker Toffee

I have one special request. Please take some photographs and videos at the event and share them with us. We do not have a professional photographer this year and this is a huge year for us to remember. The BIG 30! I would like to make a tribute video for my family, but need more footage, so please tag us in photos @thetinkergirl on instagram, #holidaybash2018, #thetinkergirl, or to make it very easy, you can email me the photos at

A special thanks to everyone that has supported us over the years, shared our invitations, liked our photos, bought gifts, told a friend about us, snapped a photo at the angel wing mural, written a review online, or rated us on Yelp, FB or Google. A special thanks to the Tinker employees for always working so many hours and going the extra mile. And lastly, thanks to my parents for teaching us kids how to be creative, good-hearted, hard-working, fun spirited individuals. Everything we learned about how to be adults, we learned from you and hope we make you as proud as you make us.

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