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Forget secrets. We want people to know about the coolest stuff, the happiest websites, the most creative artists, and so much more, which brings us to our newest column, SITES WE LOVE: OH HAPPY DAY. Basically, this is the best party planning and lifestyle website on the internet. Who else do you know that can make Elf Balloon Stick decorations? (click images for tutorials)

Elf Balloon Stick Tutorial by Oh Happy Day

Or Rum Ball Snowmen?

Rumble Snowmen Tutorial by Oh Happy Day

We know what it is like to be Richmond's Hidden Treasure and after 30 years in business, we know a thing or two about word of mouth promotions. From the lines we carry to the wacky advertisements we design, we are always searching for something creative to wake us up inside and remind us 1) why we love doing what we do and 2) how we can brighten the lives of others.

OH HAPPY DAY is one of our favorite websites and blogs. Not only is their website flawless, adorable, creative and overflowing with beautiful photography, their blog has so many wonderful DIY tutorials like this rainbow costume...

Rainbow Costume Tutorial by Oh Happy Day

or a vintage fiat costume...

Vintage Fiat Costume Tutorial by Oh Happy Day

Sharon Coleman, owner of Tinker's (one of Richmond Virginia's top gift stores), has never been one to shy away from revealing some of her style secrets. In her line of work, she comes across thousands of cool, talented artists throughout the year and although it might not work for her store, she likes passing the tip forward so that their store can have success. "As a woman, I like to see other women achieve success. I think we should build each other up. I know what does and does not work for my consumer and if I see something that works elsewhere and I'm in the position to help someone out, I do", states Coleman.

Tinker's, our happy store in Richmond Virginia

That is where this new blog comes in. I am Sharon's son, Joshua Coleman. I grew up in the business and live in Los Angeles dressing movie stars for big movies and TV shows. I've been fortunate to work on a dozen Marvel superhero movies, the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Spielberg's Lincoln, toured with KISS and the Jonas Brothers, rhinestoned outfits for Cher, and just finished working on the new FX show about Versace. Tinker's is in my nature, so I designed the website, scout markets on the west coast, and constantly do research for our family business.

A few years back, I came across OH HAPPY DAY and was instantly inspired by their use of color, their design skills, their writing techniques, and in general, their overall sensation of pure joy. This is the kind of small business that inspires us. They see the world differently and create an environment that appeals to the senses. My mother and I bookmark their Instagram photos on all of the time and constantly wish that we were living in their dreamworld. We have conversations about it all the time.

Their party shop sells everything your heart might desire, such as gift wrap, balloons, banners, tissue, horns, lights, hats, cutlery, and so, so much more. Check them out today, follow their Pinterest page, and save a weekend for some craft time. You don't need kids to enjoy this site, just the heart and imagination that reminds you of the joys of being a kid during the holidays.

OH HAPPY DAY'S party shop

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