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4 Easy Ways Shop Small W/O Spending a Dime

Is money tight? Do you want to help a small business out but can't afford to spend any cash right now? In celebration of Small Business Saturday, here are 4 ways that you can help support us without spending a dime. PLUS, this takes less than 5 minutes!

OPTION 1: REVIEW US ON YELP (click here) and FACEBOOK (click here)

The honest truth is that most people love stores, but rarely take time to write a review (unless they are bad). For a store that has been around 31 years, we have 12 reviews on Yelp. Help us get another one!

At a small business, your reviews matter. Your words help get us on the map and since advertising budgets are small, you help us pop up in searches on Google and Yelp. Most magazines only pay attention to stats and if your store is amazing, but your online presence is small, you probably won't make it into the magazine of your dreams.

Take the time to leave a rating and if you are an over achiever, leave a quick note to show some love. Your words inspire us. Tell us one of your memories or favorite things about the shop and we will get all warm and fuzzy inside!

OPTION 2: VOTE FOR US ( click here )

Richmond Home 2020

This is where you can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE and win possibly win a 2 day resort getaway to the Gaylord National Resort! Click on the orange banner VOTE NOW link and vote for us in Richmond Magazine's new survey. Note: you have to vote for at least 10 businesses to be eligible to win. There are a few categories that we can go in:

14: Home Accessories

15: Lighting fixtures

23: Traditional Furniture

45: Furniture Repair

69: Upholstery Services

74: Woodwork/Trim

Over the last 40 years, our restoration business has helped thousands and thousands of families who have had their most prized possessions destroyed by fires, storms, water damages, and more. When you vote for us, you are letting others know about a place that wants to help them out.


These pages are updated daily with the freshest content. Here are the links:

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  3. Instagram Angel Wing Page (click here)


We send possibly 3 emails a month, some of which offer discounts. Help spread the word so that your friends can feel just as special as you!

We like to highlight local artists, charities, design tips, people’s houses, display ideas, and more. We do the best we can to help inspire you and keep you informed on style trends!

From all of us at Tinker’s, Thank You!


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