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As a family business, we are always proud of the accomplishments of our kids. Our youngest son, Joshua, lives in Los Angeles and is a costumer/fashion stylist for movies and television shows. He has been written up in a lot of the press in Richmond over the years and a lot of our customers are always curious as to what he is working on. Grey's Anatomy, Captain America, The Oscars, you name it, there is a chance that he has worked on it.

Since it is hard to keep up with his amazing jobs, so we have created a section entitled "From Westwood to Hollywood" where he can highlight some of his adventures (our store is located on Westwood Avenue in Richmond Virginia). This past month, he was working with the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland.

In promotion for his upcoming film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holland had a lot of press dates scheduled. The first pitstop for Josh was working on a commercial for ESPN with Magic Johnston, Tim Duncan, Robert Downey Jr. and John Favreau. They worked in a beautiful mansion with tons of party go-ers. I'd like to say that I have behind the scenes photos, but I have a copy of the commercials.

One of our favorite stories about Josh was when he went to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles to put Tom Holland in his costume to meet with kids. He took photographs, signed posters, and even managed to do some flips in the hallways. Josh was in the background sanitizing the outfit in between patient visits, putting the mask on an off, and standing by for any costume emergencies. Below is a video of some of the action. Entertainment Weekly featured it here in more detail.

A few weeks ago, Josh flew to the General Mills headquarters in Minnesota so that Spider-Man could meet some employees and their families. He danced, flipped, and had adventures all over the campus. Here are some images that Josh snapped from their visit:

Spider-Man atop the Cereal Bar at the General Mills headquarters in Minnesota. Yes, an actual cereal bar!!!

Looking good, Spidey.

Jumping for joy with a piece of art behind him. Josh's Instagram page, @joshstyle, has a version of this image with some really cool motion added to the background. Its a little too complicated for me to add it to the site. Still getting to know the format.

Spider-Man poses next to an employee who is fitting in some fitness while working on her computer.

Feeling Lucky? Here is a shot of Spider-Man next to his Irish Friend, Lucky Charms.

The zen garden in the shape of Cheerios! How cool!

Spider-Man meeting with some kids....

Posing in front of some more artwork.....

His last stop was checking out the Betty Crocker division, which featured ovens that spanned numerous decades. I think Spider-Man wants to do some baking.

Stay tuned for more adventures "FROM WESTWOOD TO HOLLYWOOD."

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