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We are pleased to announce that Tinker's won two awards in the 2017 Richmond Magazine Best & Worst issue: Best Retailer Still In Business Since 1988 and Best Local Gift Shop. In celebration, If you bring in the August issue and show us our cute advertisement with the Llama, you will earn yourself *10% off. The ad was designed by our son, Josh, who included a llama print by one of our featured artists, Kathryn White.

Ad designed by our son, Joshua Coleman. Llama print by Kathryn White

Thank you to everyone that voted. For a small store located off the beaten path, we often wonder if people remember us when they are looking for the impossible item. In a day and age where everyone shops online, more and more small businesses close down and it gets harder to stay afloat. Thanks to loyal customers, we keep seeing new faces and in all honesty, it brightens our lives. You inspire us to consistently find new ways to inspire you.


It is hard to believe that we have been around for 30 years and that my husband, Tony, opened up the restoration business almost 40 years ago. The store has gone through various locations, hundreds of transformations, a lot of helping hands, and even a fire that burned us to the ground. Somehow, the store is the best that it has ever been.

Just like any job, we have our daily challenges and obstacles, but when a customer walks in for the first time and we see their eyes light up, instantly, we remember why we love having a store. It enriches our lives to imagine someone opening something from one of our artists on their birthday, wedding, holiday, or anniversary. When you share your stories with us, you inspire us to work harder to make your lives easier. We get asked all of the time why we don't have an online store and to be honest, sometimes, we wish that we did, but it takes a lot of extra manpower and money to operate a business like that . We like to remind people about the MAGIC of shopping IN A STORE. We want to appeal to your senses and remind you what it was like when you were a kid walking into a toy store.

Damn good ideas....write that down.

We rely on word of mouth advertising, so if you have never heard of us, stop in and let us know its your first time. If you have been here before and you want to support a small business celebrating amazing news, share this post and help us live to see another day.

Shop Small...Shop Local....

Gifts for everyone big and small...even puppies.

And remember.....

Save small stores

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