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As a small store, we admit it, technology is challenging for us. We do our best to keep up with social media, but there are so many outlets of ways to do things that it can get pretty overwhelming. Not only do we have to scout new merchandise and artists from all over the country, but we need to make orders, open deliveries, program it into the computer system, create stunning visual displays and so much more. After that, we need to photograph it, touch up the images, post them online, and sometimes an hour after posting it, someone has purchased it and we need to revamp the store. We pride ourselves in selling exclusive items, but often, once we sell out, sometimes that is it. As you know, we do not have an online store because having a 20,000 square foot location is challenging enough. In order to have an online business, it takes more computer saavy employees, people to package the items, people to ship the items, etc. We also have one of the most well known furniture restoration companies on the East Coast, so as you can see, there is a lot on our plate. The world of a small business is exciting and fast paced, but it has its challenges just like all jobs. We rely on our friends and family to help out us because that is the nature of a speciality boutique. In fact, the website is designed by our Hollywood celebrity stylist son, Joshua Coleman. As we embark on a new journey, we would like to invite you to sign up for our newsletter. We will do our best to help add style, inspiration, organization, and fresh ideas into your life. When you shop local, you are supporting your community. Why shop the ordinary when you could shop at Tinker's?

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